Size guide

In order to make it easier to take measurements, we offer a wide choice of (Emirati) lengths that you can compare to the abaya models you already have in your possession. We also offer intermediate sizes which can be useful if you want to wear heels (for example I usually wear a size 54 which comes to my ankle and is perfect for flats, if I want to wear heels tops I can choose size 55).

For the width you have the choice between a Standard width, if you wish to send us your measurements in order to have a personalized width, you just have to specify your chest-waist-hips circumference in the comments of your order and to specify if you want a narrower or looser abaya.

The models of the Basic collection have standard sizes.


you measure Your size
1m45-1m50 50
Intermediate size 51
1m50-1m55 52
Intermediate size 53
1m56-1m61 54
Intermediate size 55
1m62-1m67 56
Intermediate size 57
1m68-1m73 58
Intermediate size 59
1m74-1m79 60
Intermediate size 61
1m80-1m85 62
Intermediate size 63
More than 1m83 64